Aircraft Education Resources


This Air Academy is funded by the Scot Perry Memorial Scholarship program which was established in 1984. One of the mandates of the charter of the Staggerwing Museum Foundation (currently known as the Beechcraft Heritage Museum) is to “foster, promote and engage in aviation education.” This fund was established by museum founders, Carolyn and Richard Perry in memory of their son Scot, who lost his life in a tragic accident in pursuit of his dream of becoming a pilot. The museum is proud to have this restricted fund to perpetuate Scot’s memory and have the financial resource to educate all of our aviation enthusiasts.


Scot Perry Air Academy

King Air Symposium

Glider Academy

The museum is proud to have Beechcraft experts from all across the country share their unsurpassed knowledge on the Staggerwing and Beech 18. Mike Stanko with Gemco Aviation is our Staggerwing authority. Other Beechcraft experts include, Taigh Ramey, Tom Turner, ABS Air Safety Foundation, Rex Vaughan with Tulsa Aircraft Engines, Blaine Abbott, Covington Aircraft Engines, Butch Card, Card Aviation LLC, and many other professionals from across the nation. Topics include Beechcraft Model 17 and 18 landing gear retraction, radial engine operation, spar and inspection procedures and the broad-based knowledge and experience across all Beechcraft models.

Beech Party Educational Seminars

The ABS Maintenance Academy offers regional maintenance seminars across the country and is led by renowned Technical Advisor and Inspector, Bob Ripley. The museum’s Beech Party always features a Bob Ripley ABS Maintenance Service Clinic. The museum has been proud to have hosted past ABS regional clinics. In addition, our Beech Party features an ABS Air Safety Foundation seminar led by Executive Director, Tom Turner and an ABS update given by Executive Director, Whit Hickman.

American Bonanza Society (ABS) Maintenance Seminars

The museum hosted its first southeastern STOL clinic in 2016. This event began with a Backcountry Aviation’s STOL Tips YouTube series followed by a seminar focused to aircraft types that are not generally considered STOL capable such as the Beech Bonanza or Cessna 182. The seminar catered to the flatlander pilot with a tricycle-gear aircraft who wants to access and explore airstrips have to offer. Instructors, Patrick Romano, Dave Dunteman and Ken Wittekiend presented five hours of ground school and flew with the pilots to implement their new knowledge on KTHA’s 2700’ turf runway.

Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF)

Short Take Off & Landing (STOL) Clinics