Our collection has been accumulated over many years through the donation or loan of aircraft and artifacts for the display, and enjoyment of those who visit us.

We wanted to make a portion of this collection available for viewing on this site.
Aircraft Collection
Nineteen 20’s
1925Travel Air 1000c/n 1NC241The First Travel Air
1929Swallow TPc/n 163NC85361
1929Travel Air 4000c/n 1295NC367MParish Travel Air
1929Travel Air Rc/n 1R614KMystery Ship
Nineteen 30’s
1932Beechcraft 17Rc/n 1NC499NThe First Beechcraft
1934Beechcraft B17Lc/n 21NC14409Collins Staggerwing
1936Beechcraft C17Bc/n 100NC962WCianchette Staggerwing
1938Beechcraft E17Bc/n 231NC19467O.A. Beech Uncovered Staggerwing
1938Beechcraft S18Dc/n 178CF-BKOOne of the Oldest Remaining Model 18s
1939Beechcraft F17Dc/n 333NC20798Staggerwing with Skis
Nineteen 40’s
1940Beechcraft D17Sc/n 395NC20753Museum’s First Airplane
1942Beechcraft AT-11c/n 41-27516A N6671CUSAAF Bombardier Trainer
1943Beechcraft D17Sc/n 4835NC230“Gilmore”
1946Beechcraft D18Sc/n A-187NC80036Corporate Twin Beech
1946Beechcraft G17Sc/n B-3N44G“Big Red”
1946Beechcraft G17Sc/n B-7N80308One of the Last Twenty built
1947Beechcraft 35c/n D-18NC80418“Shiny” – One of the 1st Bonanza’s built
1947Beechcraft 35c/n D-9NC80409Ninth Bonanza Manufactured
Nineteen 50’s
1954Beechcraft C45Hc/n AF-824N7916ALester Twin Beech
1957Beechcraft H35c/n D-4982N545HHiern Bonanza
Nineteen 60’s
1960Beechcraft 95-55c/n TC-1N9695R1st Baron Manufactured
1961Pine Air Super Vc/n SV-109D-549N3124VExtensive Conversion of the Model 35 Bonanza
1962Beechcraft D50Ec/n DH-326N14VUExcalibur Modification
1963Beechcraft B95Ac/n TD-500N9526YPredecessor to the B-55 Baron
1964Beechcraft S35c/n D-7450N6826Q4 “Around the World” trips
1967Beech 65-A90-1c/n LM-01N7000B1st Army U21
1968Beechcraft 36c/n E-103N7710R10 Romeo Wings of Friendship
Nineteen 70’s
1970Beechcraft V35BFull Size Bonanza Cutaway
1975Beechcraft F33Ac/n CD-556N4091SOnly 192 hours of total flight time
1978Beechcraft A36c/n E-1252N4668MMuseum’s “Corporate Jet”
1979Beechcraft T-34Cc/n GL-1111BUNO 160646“Charlie”
Nineteen 80’s
1982Beechcraft B60c/n P596N410G“Gorman Duke” The Last Duke Manufactured
1989Beechcraft A36c/n E-2503N9675R4 “Around the World” flights
Nineteen 90’s
1994Beechcraft 2000Ac/n NC-49XA-TQF#49 of 53 Manufactured
1999Lionheartc/n 3N985CCComposite “Kit Plane” Staggerwing
Some Amazing Examples:
1925 Travel Air 1000
Walter Beech, Clyde Cessna, and Lloyd Stearman combined forces to build one of the most successful biplanes of its day. Sporty yet practical, fast and competitive, innovative design and sleek looks all delivered sales growth and trophy collections.
“Mystery Ship”
1929 Travel Air Model R
Faster than any other aircraft, even the military jobs, in the United States in 1929, this iconic Golden Age air racer was built in complete secrecy at the Wichita factory, earning its nickname “Mystery Ship”.
The 1st Beechcraft
1932 Beechcraft Model 17R
Even though the Beech Aircraft Company only referred to this beauty as the Model 17, it is more famous for its nickname. As it raced down the backstretch of the 1933 Miami Air Races, the announcer exclaimed “look at that negative Staggerwing Beechcraft go!”
Quintessential Twin Beech
1938 Beechcraft Model S18D
One of the Oldest Remaining Twin Beeches, this aircraft spent most of its working life in Canada, as a regional airliner hauling passengers, mail, and other cargo for Prairie Airways.
End of an Era
1946 Beechcraft Model G17S
One of the last twenty Staggerwings to leave the factory, its voluptuous lines represent the pinnacle of biplane development. As Beech Aircraft considered their options for post-war production, a total of 50 units were scheduled for production. However, orders never materialized and the last four were declared obsolete. Today, the G17S is the most coveted model of all Staggerwings.
The Classic V-Tail
1947 Beechcraft Model 35
A new approach to private aircraft design based on lessons learned during World War II, the Bonanza featured aluminum construction and a novel V-tail design. Over 1,500 aircraft were produced in its first year. Featuring excellent performance at a reasonable price, the Bonanza was instantly successful and continues in production today.
Shark Toothed Trainer
1978 Beechcraft Model 45
“Turbine Mentor”
The logical successor to Beech’s venerable piston powered trainer, the Turbine Mentor was designed to introduce fighter pilots to the modern systems of jets. The shark’s teeth paint scheme was used to attract prospective recruits at airshow events, reminiscent of the Curtiss P-40.
Engineering Marvel
1994 Beechcraft Model 2000
A revolutionary design from its inception, the Beech Starship started life as a proof of concept design by the legendary Burt Rutan. With the goal of jet speeds, and turboprop efficiency the initial numbers looked good. Only 53 aircraft were completed before production stopped. Today, a total of four aircraft are rumored to be still flying.
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